Welcome to Inner Light Journal


Welcome to Inner Light Journal

This blog is dedicated to the Inner Light within. It is an educational resource to guide you on your journey to Self Realization and Self-Fulfillment. Discover the Light of the Inner Self within each and every person. We will be exploring topics such as spirituality, science, metaphysics, quantum physics, meditation, yoga, ancient wisdom, law of attraction, self-development and psychic phenomena.

In this blog we will be exploring new frontiers and seeking answers for timeless questions.

What is real? What is reality?
What is mind?
What is Consciousness?
What is energy?
What is matter?
Can consciousness exist without the brain?
Is there life after death?
Can mind affect matter?
Can the mind heal the body?
Can one heal self and others?
Is psychic energy real?
Is there any truth to spiritual healing?
Does Extrasensory powers exist, such as Clairvoyance (remote viewing), telepathy, psychometry, telekinesis?
Why are we here?
Do we have control over our future?
Can we create our own reality?



Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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