The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World [Must Read Book]

The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World

In The Making of Reality – How Consciousness Creates the World, Jörg Starkmuth presents a world view that reconciles modern physics with findings of parapsychology and spiritual traditions.

In the bestselling book “The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World,” author Jörg Starkmuth weaves a narrative that bridges modern physics with parapsychology and spiritual traditions. This enlightening book explores the depths of how our consciousness shapes our perception of reality.

Understanding Reality through Consciousness

German author Jörg Starkmuth’s groundbreaking work quickly rose to popularity in Germany and is now gaining attention among English-speaking audiences.

The book seeks to answer the age-old questions we all have: What defines our reality? Is there a definitive objective reality? What influence do we really possess over our life experiences? Is there substance to the celebrated “law of attraction” and, if so, how does it work? Can it genuinely bring happiness?

The Creative Power of Consciousness

“The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World,” explains the transformative power of consciousness using easy-to-understand yet precise language. It traverses various disciplines such as quantum physics, psychology, parapsychology, spirituality, biology, and happiness research. For anyone who has watched films like “What The Bleep Do We Know?”, “The Secret”, or “The Intention Experiment” and questioned the underlying principles of these phenomena, this book provides practical, relatable explanations.

The Making of Reality
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Jörg Starkmuth’s Enlightening Insights

The book presents a compelling worldview that reconciles the fundamentals of modern physics with findings from parapsychology, happiness research, human experience, and spiritual traditions.

Starkmuth posits that there is no “objective reality.” Instead, we all construct our own versions of “reality” from an unlimited, multidimensional possibility realm. We all contribute to a universal consciousness, in which we are active participants, and thus we have a significant influence on our life experiences.

Circumventing Thought Traps

Yet, our potential to harness this influence is often hindered by patterns of belief entrenched in our brains by evolution. Starkmuth explains how to navigate these thought traps and beliefs, suggesting alternative ways to understand our impact on our life experiences.

A Guide to a Fulfilling Reality

“The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World” offers practical steps and instructions on how to shape a fulfilling reality built on universal values and personal empowerment.

For anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and consciousness, this book is a must-read!

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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