3 Hours to Transform Your Reality: Deconstructing Sentience [Watch free]

Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence [Free Movie]

NEW DOCUMENTARY That Can Transform Your Reality in 3 Hours

Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence features 40 Spiritual Teachers share their wisdom in this paradigm-shifting documentary.

Using her personal journey overcoming addiction as the microcosm, Writer/Director/Producer Kristin Gillespie takes you on an epic journey beyond the macro that has the power to transcend humanity’s shadow for a Heaven on Earth for us all!

“This unprecedented marriage of science, spirituality & intuition is a true portal to collective healing.”

We are on the brink of a new era where science and spirituality will work hand in hand to create collective healing. The discoveries that have been made about the human brain, consciousness and energy fields are opening up new possibilities for our understanding of reality and how we can create positive change in ourselves and in the world around us.

Look no further than “Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence,” starring the world’s leading pioneers of SENTIENCE, to usher you through  this tectonic shift in consciousness.

Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence – Watch Full Movie FREE

“Awake-umentary “Deconstructing Sentience:  From Chaos to Coherence” brings to life the forgotten power of healing through feeling for yourself, humanity & the planet.”

The film is a reminder that we all have the power to heal, and as we come into our own power and remember who we are, we can create change on a global scale. We highly recommend watching “Deconstructing Sentience” to gain a deeper understanding of the forgotten power of feeling and how it can be used for personal growth, planetary healing, and creating social change. What did you take away from the film? How will you use this information to create positive change in your life?

The film is a reminder that we all have the power to heal and connect with each other. It takes courage to look within, but it is worth it. We hope you’ll take the time to watch “Deconstructing Sentience” and explore what resonates for you. What are your thoughts on the film? Leave us a comment below!

The documentary is a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the power of holistic healing and how it can be used to benefit humanity and the planet. It covers a wide range of topics, from the origins of life to our current state of chaos, and provides insights into how we can use holistic healing to create coherence in ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

The film features interviews with leading experts in various fields of holistic healing, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, David Wilcock, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Nassim Haramein, and more.

“As we find ourselves at the precipice of a self-induced global emotional emergency, the need navigate our way through these turbulent times is at an all-time high.”

As we barrel into the future, it is more important than ever that we understand and embrace our emotions. We must learn to not only tolerate but also appreciate all of the emotions that make us human. Only then can we hope to create a world in which love and understanding triumph over fear and hatred. What have you done lately to show yourself some self-love?

It’s time to start thinking about our emotions more carefully and constructively. We need to find ways to soothe ourselves, connect with others, and take care of our planet. By doing this we can create a brighter tomorrow for both ourselves and the generations that will come after us. What are some things you’re going to do in your everyday life to help navigate through these emotional times?

We need to develop our emotional intelligence now more than ever before. The good news is that we can all do this by starting with ourselves. We need to become more aware of our own emotions and how they are impacting not only our personal lives, but also the world around us.

We need to learn how to regulate them, respond to them constructively, and most importantly, understand their purpose. Only then will we be able to effectively manage them in times of crisis and work together towards a brighter tomorrow. What are some things you can do today to start developing your emotional intelligence?

“Maybe our feeling mechanism, our capacity to be self-aware, consciously sentient beings, is the bio-encoded, built-in GPS we’ve been looking for as a Guiding Light.”

The brain is constantly seeking out meaning, and the feeling mechanism may be what allows us to find it. Our consciousness gives us the ability to reflect on our own thoughts and emotions and provides a space for self-awareness.

This internal exploration can give rise to a sense of awe, wonder, happiness, and even spirituality. We are all constantly searching for meaning in life, and while there are many paths to get there, our feeling mechanism may be one of the most important guides we have. What has your personal journey been like? Have you ever experienced moments of true awe or wonder?

So, it would seem that not only is feeling necessary for our survival as individuals and as a species, but that the very thing we’ve long considered an obstacle to our well-being – emotionality – might actually be the GPS system leading us home.

Our feelings are what connect us to others and to the world around us; they tell us where we are and which direction we need to go. They reveal what is important to us and help guide our decisions in life. In this way, emotionality can be seen as both the problem and the solution; it’s what gets us into trouble, but it’s also what saves us from getting lost.

“Not a moment too late, this activating documentary deconstructs pseudo-separation, escapism, programming, nihilism, epigenetics & the emotional system to uncover the multi-layered facets of conscious connection as the antidote to self-destruction.”

It is never too late to change our course and connect with ourselves, others and the world around us. The documentary film “Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence” offers a powerful exploration of the ways in which we can come together to create positive change in our lives and in the world.

By understanding the multi-layered facets of conscious connection, we can become more aware of the choices we make every day and work towards building a brighter future for all. Have you seen “Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence”?

What we found was a film that is rich, layered, and full of potential for connection. It provides an opportunity to explore the depths of our own psyches as well as those around us in ways that can lead to greater understanding and communion.

While it may not be comfortable to watch at times, it is nonetheless an important piece of work that has the potential to catalyze real change.

The film is packed with information and provides a great starting point for those interested in exploring the topic further. It covers a lot of ground, from separation and escapism to programming and epigenetics, and ultimately highlights the importance of conscious connection.

While it may be daunting to face some of the truths presented in the documentary, it is well worth taking the time to watch it and start thinking about how we can work together to create a more connected world.

40 Spiritual Teachers Starring in Deconstructing Sentience:

Gregg Braden | Bruce H. Lipton, PhD | Jovanny Varela Ferreyra | Darryl Anka “Bashar” | Dr. Sue Morter | Julia Cannon | Marina Jacobi | Magenta Pixie | Dr. Dawson Church, PhD | Howard Martin | Dr. Rollin McCraty, PhD | Prof. Antonio Damasio | Lynne McTaggart | Dr. Rudolph Schild | Sarah McLean | Dr. Richard Miller | Rafael Araujo | Katherine Peil Kauffman | June-Elleni Laine | Thrity Engineer | Dr. Meher Engineer | Shiv Charan Singh | Suzi von Mensenkampff | Sue Cooper | Sperry Andrews | Her Grace Emma Manners | Peter Granger | Elaine Griffiths | Christine Auriela Aloisio | Francis Xavier Aloisio | Suryacitta | James Malins | Gavin Andrews | Steve Mera | Vitaly Safarov | William Henry | Dr. Celestine Star, DD | Sonja Grace | Billy Carson






Connect with the Stars : (in alphabetical order)

Antonio Damasio


Billy Carson


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD


Dr. Celestine Star, DD


Darryl Anka


Dawson Church, PhD


Elaine Griffiths     


Her Grace the Duchess of Rutland, Emma Rutland


Francis Xavier Aloisio


Gavin Andrews

– www.heartmath.co.uk

– www.weaddheart.com

Gregg Braden


Howard Martin


James Malins

– www.jamesmalinsofficial.com

Jovanny Varela Ferreyra


Julia Cannon


June-Elleni Laine


Katherine Peil Kauffman


Lynne McTaggart


Magenta Pixie


Marina Jacobi


Dr. Meher Engineer


Peter Granger


Rafael Araujo


Dr. Richard Miller, PhD


Dr. Rollin McCraty, PhD


Dr. Rudy Schild

– www.rudyschild.com

Sarah McLean


Shiv Charan Singh


Sonja Grace


Sperry Andrews


Sue Cooper


Dr. Sue Morter




Suzi von Mensenkampff


Thrity Engineer


William Henry





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