3 Steps to Use the Power Of Intention to Manifest Your Destiny

Use the Power Of Intention to Manifest Your Destiny

Discover the 3 simple to use the power of intention to manifest your destiny. It’s not as hard as it seems, and becoming aware of these powerful tools will make all the difference in how far you go with your life. You deserve something amazing! Are you ready? Let’s do this together!!

The Awesome Power of Intention to Create Your Own Reality

The ultimate goal of any living being is to control its reality, and manifest its destiny.

The first step in creating the future you want, is to KNOW what you want.

This seems obvious, but many people drift along in life, undecided, not knowing what they really want to do, be or have.

3 Steps to Use the Power Of Intention to Manifest Your Destiny


CHOOSE with focused INTENT what you want to manifest.

Step 2:

is to SEE yourself being/doing/having what you want. Experience in your mind’s eye the new reality you just created for yourself. Vividly visualize what you intended, engaging all your feelings and senses into the process. Remember, YOU create your own reality.

Step 3:

is to LET GO, confident that what you seek is seeking you. Be indifferent as to how/when/where your desire is going to manifest.

Just like placing an order online, you place the order to the universe, and go about your business, knowing that what you ordered is already on its way to you.

Just relax and get out of your own way.

Your destiny is inescapable. You can’t avoid it, but you CAN use the power of intention to manifest what you want into your life!

Implementing these three steps- choosing with focused intent what you want, seeing yourself being/doing/having that new reality and letting go confident that your desire is seeking out YOU- will help make sure every day brings only joy and success for all aspects of your life.

How are using intention to create or attract more abundance?

In conclusion, the power of intention is a powerful tool to manifest your destiny. I hope you have been able to use this article as a guide for how to apply these principles in order to help you reach your goals and live out your dreams.

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Last Updated on April 4, 2023

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