5 Best Books for Aura Cleansing and Protection: Master Your Energetic Health

Aura Cleansing and Protection Essential Books

Your aura, the invisible yet powerful energy field that surrounds you, is a vital part of your overall well-being. It is the energetic expression of your thoughts, emotions, and overall spiritual health. When your aura is clear, balanced, and protected, it allows you to experience life more fully, with increased vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance. But how do you cleanse and protect your aura effectively?

In today’s fast-paced, often chaotic world, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to our energetic health. With so much information available, it can be challenging to know where to start. To make things easier for you, we’ve carefully curated a list of the 5 best aura cleansing and protection essential books. Each book offers well-researched information and practical tips that you can apply in your daily life to master your energetic health.

In this article, we’ll explore these must-read books, providing you with a roadmap to cleanse, strengthen, and protect your aura. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just beginning your journey, these books will serve as invaluable guides to help you achieve a more vibrant and protected energetic state. So, let’s dive in and discover the transformative power of aura cleansing and protection together!

1. The Healing Power of Your Aura: How to Use Spiritual Energy for Physical Health and Well-Being by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis


Understanding the human aura and its relationship with well-being

In “The Healing Power of Your Aura,” renowned aura expert Barbara Y. Martin explores the fascinating world of the aura and its connection to health. With exceptional insight and clarity, Martin demonstrates how the aura acts as the spiritual support system for the physical body. She explains how tuning into your energy field can help restore your body to its natural state of health and well-being, with specific healing meditations designed for over 80 types of physical conditions.

The book is generously illustrated and easy to read, offering details on how health and illness appear in the aura, including the auras of organs and cells. You’ll learn about the extraordinary intricacies of the chakra system and its role in healing, as well as the importance of the astral body in maintaining good health.

Techniques for cleansing, strengthening, and protecting the aura

Martin and Moraitis provide a wealth of techniques for cleansing, strengthening, and protecting your aura. These include:

  • Meditation and visualization: Learn how to use guided imagery and focused intention to cleanse and energize your aura.
  • Breathing exercises: Discover powerful breathing techniques that help clear and revitalize your energy field.
  • Color therapy: Understand how to work with color vibrations to balance and harmonize your aura.
  • Crystal healing: Learn about the properties of various crystals and how to use them for aura cleansing and protection.

The authors emphasize the importance of pursuing all available healing methods when faced with illness, including conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and spiritual healing. They assert that by incorporating personal healing through meditation into your spiritual practice, you can prevent or reverse many illnesses.

Connection between physical health and spiritual growth

In their exploration of the connection between physical health and spiritual growth, Martin and Moraitis highlight the importance of a balanced and healthy aura for the smooth flow of life force energy throughout the entire being. When our energy field is clear and strong, it can effectively support our physical health and facilitate our spiritual growth.

By regularly practicing aura cleansing and protection techniques, we can remove energetic blockages, release negative patterns, and align ourselves with our highest potential. As a result, we can experience increased vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity, and a deeper connection to our spiritual selves. By investing in our energetic health, we are ultimately investing in our overall well-being and personal evolution.

Barbara Y. Martin is a pioneer in the field of metaphysics and has been one of the first to lecture in-depth on the human energy field. She is considered one of the foremost clairvoyants and metaphysical teachers in the world. Martin and Moraitis, her co-author, are co-founders of Spiritual Arts Institute in Encinitas, California. They have taught thousands of individuals how to better their lives by working with the aura and spiritual energy.

2. Auras: How to See, Feel & Know by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel


Learning to see and sense auras

In “Auras: How to See, Feel & Know,” Embrosewyn Tazkuvel provides a comprehensive, full-color guide to understanding and perceiving auras. The book features 17 time-tested eye exercises and 47 vivid photos and illustrations to help readers quickly learn to see auras in vibrant colors. Through his own experiences and engaging storytelling, Tazkuvel shares his journey of discovering his ability to see auras and the often humorous reactions from those around him.

This guide is designed to help anyone with vision in both eyes learn to see auras within just a few minutes of practice. By following Tazkuvel’s proven techniques and eye exercises, readers can retrain the focusing parts of their eyes to perceive the energy fields that have always been present but never visible before.

Tips for cleansing and protecting the energy field

Auras: How to See, Feel & Know” offers valuable tips and techniques for cleansing and protecting one’s energy field. The book covers various topics, such as:

  • Understanding the meaning and nuances of every color in the aura
  • Using the aura as a shield against negative energy or people
  • Powering up the aura for greater achievement in any endeavor
  • Cutting negative energy cords to disharmonious people
  • Interpreting body language to confirm observations of the aura

Tazkuvel also delves into the meaning of patterns and shadows observed in the aura layers, along with techniques to train the eyes to switch between aura and normal vision.

Maintaining a balanced and vibrant aura

To maintain a balanced and vibrant aura, it is essential to understand the seven layers of the aura and their significance. In “Auras: How to See, Feel & Know,” Tazkuvel provides in-depth explanations of each layer, as well as techniques to cleanse and energize the aura. He teaches readers to:

  • Recognize the appearance of deeper aura layers and subtle nuances
  • Use breathing exercises, visualization, and meditation to cleanse and strengthen the aura
  • Employ color therapy and crystal healing to balance and harmonize the energy field

By incorporating these practices into their daily lives, readers can foster a balanced and vibrant aura, leading to increased vitality, emotional stability, and mental clarity. In essence, cultivating a healthy aura helps support overall well-being and personal growth.

The book “Auras: How to See, Feel & Know” makes the complex topic of auras accessible and enjoyable for readers.

3. The Power of Auras: Tap Into Your Energy Field For Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Well-Being by Susan Shumsky


Learning to see and sense auras

In “The Power of Auras,” Dr. Susan Shumsky offers a well-researched and insightful guide to understanding and perceiving the subtle energy fields that surround us. This book provides practical techniques that can be used by anyone to tap into their energy field for clarity, peace of mind, and well-being. Shumsky’s approach is based on her extensive experience teaching meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition, as well as her personal journey under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the renowned spiritual teacher and mentor of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra.

By learning to see and sense auras, readers can gain a deeper understanding of their own energy field and the energy of others, opening up a new level of self-awareness, personal growth, and spiritual development.

Develop spiritual self-defense and protection

A crucial aspect of understanding and working with auras is the ability to protect oneself from negative energies and maintain a strong and vibrant energy field. In “The Power of Auras,” Dr. Shumsky shares techniques for developing spiritual self-defense and protection, including:

  • Methods for shielding the aura from harmful energies and influences
  • Techniques to cleanse and balance the energy field, restoring harmony and vitality
  • Practices for grounding oneself to stay centered and connected to the Earth’s energy

These essential skills empower readers to maintain their energetic integrity, fostering a greater sense of well-being, clarity, and peace of mind.

Techniques for cutting psychic ties and cords

In our interactions with others, we often form energetic connections that can have both positive and negative effects on our energy field. “The Power of Auras” provides practical techniques for cutting psychic ties and cords, allowing readers to:

  • Release unhealthy attachments and relationships
  • Clear negative energy from past experiences and traumas
  • Reclaim personal power and energy for greater autonomy and freedom

By learning to cut psychic ties and cords, readers can free themselves from the influence of harmful energies and relationships, fostering a healthier and more balanced energy field.

The Power of Auras” guides readers on an amazing journey into the world of human energy. This enlightening and empowering book provides the tools and insights needed to harness the power of auras for enhanced well-being and spiritual growth.

4. The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide by Robert Bruce


Protecting the aura from energy drains, psychic attacks, and negative influences

In “The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook,” Robert Bruce shares his extensive knowledge and firsthand experience on protecting the aura from energy drains, psychic attacks, and negative influences. Drawing from over two decades of psychic research, Bruce reveals that our minds are often subject to unseen spiritual sources that can impact our thoughts, emotions, actions, and even our physical health.

The book provides practical tools and countermeasures for psychic self-defense, empowering readers to safeguard their aura from harmful energies and entities. These techniques can help maintain emotional balance, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

Maintaining a strong and vibrant aura for personal power and well-being

A key aspect of psychic self-defense is cultivating a strong and vibrant aura, which serves as a protective shield against negative influences. In “The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook,” Robert Bruce offers guidance on:

  • Strengthening the aura through meditation, visualization, and energy work
  • Identifying and eliminating sources of energy drains in our lives
  • Techniques for grounding, centering, and cleansing the aura to restore balance and vitality

By maintaining a strong and vibrant aura, readers can enjoy increased personal power, well-being, and resilience against psychic attacks and negative influences.

Practical advice for psychic self-defense in various situations

The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook” offers comprehensive and practical advice for psychic self-defense in various situations.

Some of the topics covered in the book include:

  • Recognizing the signs of psychic attack and energy drains
  • Strategies for dealing with psychic vampires and energy leeches
  • Clearing negative energy from homes, workplaces, and other environments
  • Protecting oneself during sleep and astral travel

The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook” is an essential guide for anyone seeking to safeguard their energy and well-being from the dark side of the psychic universe.

5. Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith


Comprehensive understanding of the chakra system and its connection to energetic health

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith is a classic and comprehensive guide to understanding the chakra system and its connection to our energetic health. As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, the chakras offer unparalleled opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. This book takes readers on a powerful journey through progressively transcendent levels of consciousness, providing insights into ancient metaphysical systems through the lens of modern metaphors, ranging from quantum physics to child development.

Techniques for cleansing, balancing, and protecting the aura through chakra work

Wheels of Life” provides practical techniques for cleansing, balancing, and protecting the aura through chakra work. Readers will learn how to explore and balance their own chakras using poetic meditations and simple yoga movements. By working with the chakras, individuals can gain spiritual wisdom, experience better health, discover new energy, enhance creativity, and manifest their dreams.

Some techniques featured in the book include:

  • Chakra-specific meditations to cleanse and balance each energy center
  • Yoga postures and movements to stimulate and align the chakras
  • Visualization exercises for chakra healing and protection

Achieving a more balanced and harmonious life through energy work

By understanding and working with the chakra system, readers can achieve a more balanced and harmonious life through energy work. Anodea Judith’s “Wheels of Life” helps readers:

  • Gain spiritual wisdom through deepening their understanding of the chakra system
  • Experience better health by maintaining energetic balance and vitality
  • Discover new energy and tap into their innate potential
  • Enhance creativity by fostering a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit
  • Manifest their dreams by aligning their intentions with their energetic blueprint

Wheels of Life” is an essential guide for anyone seeking to harness the power of the chakra system for personal growth and transformation.

Final Thoughts

Understanding and working with our energetic systems, such as auras and chakras, can have a profound impact on our lives. By engaging with the knowledge and practical techniques offered in the books “The Power of Auras,” “The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook,” and “Wheels of Life,” individuals can tap into their inner potential, experience enhanced well-being, and create more balanced, harmonious lives.

These books provide invaluable insights and tools for cleansing, balancing, and protecting our energy fields, as well as for navigating and overcoming negative influences and psychic attacks.

In a world where energetic imbalances can impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being, these books serve as essential resources for anyone seeking to harness the power of energy work for self-empowerment, healing, and spiritual growth. By applying the wisdom and techniques shared in these books, we can embark on a journey towards a more fulfilled and vibrant life.

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