Unleash the Power of Your Mind to Create Your Own Reality

Unleash the Power of Your Mind to Create Your Own Reality

Man has a unique ability to create by thought. Learn to unleash the power of your mind to create a reality you want. It is easier to create new things than to compete with others for something that is already there.

There is an abundance of richness in the universe waiting to be tapped by the power of your mind. Thoughts are creative by nature.

In fact everything we see, hear,  and experience is created by thought. Everything has a cause, although it is not always easy to connect mental causes to physical events.

Thought Radiation

Thought is a vibratory wave or radiation, similar to a radio wave. A thought emanates from the mind of the thinker and flows outward in all directions. The stronger and clearer the thought, the more impact it will have.

Thoughts tend to resonate with similar thoughts of other people around you. Like attracts like.

This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. You attract to yourself people, circumstances and events that resonate with the vibratory frequencies of your thoughts.

Thought Forms

Thought radiation contains the essential quality of a thought rather than its details. Thought forms contain the form and detail of a thought. What are thought forms and how are thought forms created?

We live, move and have our being in a sea of energy, which many refer to as psychic energy, which is responsive to thought.

When a thought emanates from the mind, it clothes itself with this vital energy and becomes a thought form.

Every thought form tends to manifest itself in the physical world as an action, event or thing.

Physical manifestation can happen in an instant or it can take months or years. The time a though form takes to manifest greatly depends on the clarity of visualization.

That being the case, we should choose our thoughts very carefully, and have a sense of control and responsibility. In the end, we are responsible for what we create.

That is why we start with basic training exercises to unleash the power of our mind and emotions, and gain proficiency and discipline in using our mind.


Practical tips to gain control of your thoughts and emotions

1. Try to think logically in an orderly manner. Avoid chaotic thinking.

2. Replace aimless thoughts with clear and precise thoughts.

3. If you encounter a negative thought, “push it out”. Replace it with its opposite positive thought.

4. Avoid prejudice and negative thinking.

5. Practice positive thinking. Have a positive mental attitude.

6. Radiate higher positive frequencies. Think high thoughts of love, peace, blessings and gratitude towards everything you encounter.

As you practice regularly, you will quickly unleash the power of your mind to attract anything you want and fulfill your dreams.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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