Aura Boost: A Simple Exercise to Strengthen Your Energy Field

How to Strengthen Your Aura

Most people are unaware of the fact that they possess an aura, or energy field, that surrounds their physical body. This aura can become damaged or weakened due to a variety of factors, including stress, negative thoughts and emotions, and exposure to unhealthy environments. Fortunately, there are ways to cleanse and strengthen your aura so that you can protect yourself from negativity and boost your overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore how to cleanse and strengthen your aura so that you can live a healthier, happier life. Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Aura

An aura is an invisible field of energy that surrounds and permeates living beings. Auras are thought to be unique to each individual, and can be used to tell a lot about a person’s mood, health, and overall wellbeing. Many people believe that they can see or feel someone’s aura, and some claim to be able to read them like a map. There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of auroras, but many people find them fascinating nonetheless.

The aura is electro-magnetic in nature and is composed of a spectrum of vibrational frequencies.

The human aura reflects what is going on in our bodies, our minds and our emotions. People who are sensitive or psychic can read the aura, which appears as different colors radiating from the human body.

When the aura is strong it acts as a shield to protect from negative energies. If the aura is weak then we are more prone to psychic attacks and negative energies.

In this article you will learn how to strengthen your aura with a simple exercise.

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What Weakens Your Aura

There are several things that can weaken your aura, including:

  • Being around negative people
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not eating healthy foods
  • Not meditating or doing other forms of self-care
  • Carrying around a lot of stress or anxiety
  • Being around electromagnetic fields (like from computers or phones)
  • Negative emotions such fear, anger, resentment or guilt. These emotions will weaken the aura from the inside.
  • Physical and emotional stress.
  • Excessive habits such as alcohol drinking or smoking.

If you’re not taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, it will show up in your aura. Also, if you allow yourself to get bogged down by negative energy from other people or your environment, it can take a toll on your aura as well. To keep your aura strong and healthy, make sure to take care of yourself on all levels and surround yourself with positive energy.

Before you do the aura strengthening exercise, it is a good idea to cleanse your aura of negative energies, using one of the methods below.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Cleansing your aura means clearing away any negative or stagnant energy that may have become trapped in your auric field. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as meditation, visualization, and using crystals or sage. Cleansing your aura on a regular basis helps to keep your energy field clear and balanced, which can promote overall well-being.

When you cleanse your aura, you are essentially clearing away any negative energy that may have become attached to you. This can help to improve your overall vibration and make it easier for you to attract positive things into your life. Many people use different techniques for cleansing their aura, such as using sage or crystals. If you’re fascinated by the world of gemstones and their potential to enhance well-being, you’ll find a wealth of insights in Inner Light Journal’s article on Powerful Gemstones and Crystal Healing Energy.

There are several practical ways to cleanse your aura of negative energies

1. Smudging

Burn Frankincense or Palo Santo and let the smoke pass around your body. Hold the intention that the smoke is cleansing your aura of negative energies or thoughtforms.

To cleanse your aura with sage, light the sage and allow it to smolder. Pass the sage over your body and visualize the smoke removing any negative energy or thoughts from your aura. As you do this, say a prayer for protection and peace.

2. Salt Water Bath

Fill a tub with water and add 2 cups of salt, preferably sea salt (my favorite is the Minera Dead Sea salt – on Amazon). Bathe in the salt water. Hold the intention that the salt water is breaking up the negative energy from your aura.

3. Visualization

Take a few deep breaths. On the inhale imagine you are drawing in pure energy from the cosmos. On the exhale visualize the dark or negative energy being expelled from your body and aura.

Imagine a bright light surrounding you. This light will remove any negativity from your aura and fill you with positive energy. Visualize yourself being surrounded by this light every day to keep yourself feeling happy and healthy.

4. Healing Crystals

Place healing crystals around your home and office to create positive energy vibrations.

To further explore how to cleanse and protect your aura with our curated list of essential books on aura cleansing and protection, perfect for those seeking to maintain a balanced and vibrant energy field.

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How to Have a Strong Aura

Here is the quick answer:

  • Maintain a healthy body and lead a healthy lifestyle. Regular moderate exercise, fresh air, a natural diet, enough sleep and relaxation.
  • Deep breathing exercises to accumulate and store vital energy.
  • Meditation techniques to elevate your thoughts and emotions.
  • Practice emotional control.
  • Visualization techniques.

By following some simple guidelines, you can strengthen your aura and protect yourself from negative energy.

One of the best ways to protect your aura is by eating a healthy diet. Eating nutritious foods helps to keep your energy fields strong and healthy. Additionally, try to avoid eating foods that are processed or high in sugar, as these foods can weaken your aura.

Another helpful way to protect your aura is by practicing meditation or mindfulness. This will help you to stay centered and grounded, which will keep your energy fields strong and protected. Additionally, make sure to get plenty of rest and exercise, as both of these activities help to keep your body and mind healthy and strong. And lastly, surround yourself with positive people who make you feel positive and motivated.

One of the simplest is to simply practice visualization exercises on a regular basis. Another is to wear or carry protective crystals, such as amethyst, black Tourmaline, or smoky quartz. You can also use essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, or frankincense to help cleanse and protect your aura. And finally, it’s important to stay mentally and emotionally balanced by practicing meditation and mindfulness.

A Powerful Visualization Technique to Strengthen Your Aura

  1. Sit in a straight back chair. (you can also do this exercise while standing).
    Take a few deep breaths. Relax your muscles.
  2. Close your eyes, and mentally see your body surrounded by a bubble of pure white light.
  3. Visualize the white light surrounding you from all sides.
  4. Stay in this light for a minute or until you can visualize it clearly.
  5. Any negative energies will be purified and  transmuted into a higher positive frequency.
  6. When you feel ready, open your eyes and go about your daily life, knowing that you are now protected.
  7. You can do this exercise twice a day, when you wake up every morning and before you sleep at night, and whenever you feel a need for protection.

How to See Auras

There are a few different ways that you can see Auras. One way is to use your peripheral vision. When you focus your gaze on something in front of you, try to relax your eyes and allow them to drift to the edges of your vision. You may start to see colors or light emanating from objects or people.

Another way to see Auras is through meditation. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus on your breath and let go of any thoughts that come into your mind. Once you have reached a state of relaxation, visualize a white light surrounding your body. After awhile, you may start to see colors around the edge of this white light. These colors can reveal information about a person or place.

Recent scientific studies explain the phenomena of seeing auras. Scientists from the University of Granada in Spain have found that many of the individuals claiming to see the aura of people actually present the neuropsychological phenomenon known as synesthesia.

The Benefits of Having a Strong Aura

There are many benefits to having a strong aura. Some of the most notable include:

A strong aura means that you have a lot of energy and vitality. It also means that you are in a good place emotionally and mentally, and that you are well-protected from negative energy. Additionally, a strong aura indicates that you are in a position of power and influence, which can be helpful in both your personal and professional life.

People with strong auras tend to be more positive and happy, and they also tend to be more successful and have better relationships. They are able to attract good things into their lives, and they are also able to deflect negative energy. Overall, having a strong aura is definitely a plus!


We’ve seen that auras play an important role in our overall well-being. By cleansing and strengthening your aura, you can protect yourself from negativity and boost your health and happiness.

Cleansing and strengthening your aura is a simple, easy way to improve your overall well-being. By taking a few minutes each day to focus on your energy field, you can reduce stress, negativity, and other factors that may be harming your health. If you’re ready to start cleansing and strengthening your aura, follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article.

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