3 Secret Techniques to Control Your Emotions that Really Work

Techniques to Control Your Emotions

How to Control your Emotions

The best way to control your emotions is to start with practicing simple exercises to bring your emotional nature under the control of the mind.

Below we offer three such exercises that may seem very simple at first glance but be assured that those exercises are very effective techniques that can really help you control your emotions.

Practice each of the following three exercises once a day until you feel confident that your emotions are under control.

3 Exercises to Help You Control Your Emotions

Emotional Control Exercise 1:

Take a box of matches and spill them on a table. Mix them well together, then put them one by one back in the box with the tips pointing in the same direction. If you don’t have access to matches you can do the same exercise with spoons, forks, etc. Just mix them well and rearrange them back in place in a controlled manner.

This emotional control exercise might seem pointless at first, but there is a reason behind it, to help you develop emotional balance and control.

Emotional Control Exercise 2:

Turn on the TV in a room with normal volume, and try not to look at the picture. Listen to the sound but do not look at the picture.

As a variation, in addition to not looking at the picture try to not hear the sound or focus on it as well.

Emotional Control Exercise 3:

This exercise you can do whenever you encounter other people, whether while walking the street, in a supermarket, on a bus or plane or anywhere.

When walking for example, consciously slow down and let others pass ahead of you instead of racing to get ahead of them.

When entering a store or a building, let those near you go ahead, and do that with a friendly smile.

If driving,  slow down and let other car pass you. Do this in a deliberate and controlled manner.


Do each of the above exercises once a day, everyday for a month or two and you will begin to see results.



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Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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