Whispers of the Vortex: A Dance with Destiny

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A poem inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks

Whispers of the Vortex

vortex-1 in the whisper

In the whisper of the cosmos,
a secret’s unfurled,
A dance of energy,
a silent twirl.

It’s called the Vortex,
a mystical sphere,
A space of alignment,
where love is clear.

vortex 2 - in the heart

In the heart of the Vortex,
desires take flight,
Dreams manifest
in the soft moonlight.

A place of pure magic,
where thoughts align,
With the source of creation,
in harmony divine.

vortex 3 - in the realm

In the realm of the Vortex,
resistance fades,
The burdens of life,
their heaviness wades.

Flow with the current,
with effortless grace,
The Vortex invites you,
to this sacred space.

vortex 4 - breathe in the wisdom

Breathe in the wisdom,
breathe out the fear,
Feel the vibration,
the Vortex is near.

In the echo of silence,
you’ll find your way,
To the core of the Vortex,
where dreams hold sway.

Vortex 5 - its about surrender

It’s not about striving,
not about the fight,
It’s about surrender,
to the inner light.

The Vortex is calling,
it’s time to see,
You’re the creator,
of your destiny.

vortex 6 - step into the vortex

So step into the Vortex,
let your spirit soar,
Embrace your power,
unlock the door.

In the heart of the Vortex,
you’ll come to find,
The path to fulfillment,
peace of mind.

vortex 7 - in the dance of the cosmos

In the dance of the cosmos,
under the starry flex,
Is the secret of joy,
it’s called the Vortex.

Where dreams are born,
where love is free,
In the heart of the Vortex,
just let it be.

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Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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