Using The Power of Thought to Manifest Any Desire

How to Manifest Your Desires With The Power of Thought

You Can Manifest Any Desire With The Power of Thought

Thought is the most powerful energy known to man. Consider the technical age we are living in today.

We got there through the power of thought, mind, ideas and the vision of great leaders, scientists and inventors. Through the power of thought, each one of us can create his/her own destiny.

We frequently hear or read that your thoughts can change your life.

Movies like “The Secret” are based on the premise that the power of thought can help you manifest health, wealth, happiness and anything that you desire, if you but know “how” to think.

Hundreds of  new age books,  attempting to promote the so called Law of Attraction, tell you to “visualize yourself successful”, think positive thoughts, and act in a positive way.

All this is true and it works for those who are well trained in the basic techniques of thought control. But for the average person, what’s missing is the basic mind training which is the foundation upon which to build your dreams.

The Importance of Proper Mental and Emotional Training

The ancient teachings admonish that the student should be trained in small steps until he gradually builds his/her mental and emotional faculties, before being given advanced techniques to pursue.

Telling someone to “visualize” your goal clearly and “Focus” on your desire, is like telling someone who cannot swim to just get in the water and swim.

Not all of us are trained to use the powers of our minds and emotions correctly, and to do so we should start at the beginning and gradually progress through the training.

That is the reason that Ancient Mystery schools, were highly selective in accepting candidates and were committed to secrecy.

The reason being that only sincere students are accepted and were given the teachings in small steps and only after mastering one level they were allowed to advance to a higher level.

Hence the secrecy so that no one will be able to know the advanced material before mastering the basic training.

Check out our training exercises in observation, concentration, and meditation to get you basic skills that is essential to any success.

Powerful Mental Exercises

Practice the following mental exercises as often as you can, even for a few minutes each day, to help you build a solid foundation.

The following exercises develop your basic skills in mental observation, mental concentration and meditation.

This is a prerequisite for success in manifesting, creative visualization or in using The Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.

Master the power of thought and transform your money mindset with the techniques shared in our article on Spiritual Techniques for Financial Abundance.


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Last Updated on April 3, 2023

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