3 Exercises to Improve Your Powers of Observation for Success

3 Exercises to Improve Your Powers of Observation

Why Improve Your Powers of Observation

The power of observation is a great asset in all areas of life. Here you will learn, through simple exercises, how to improve your powers of observation.

Having good observation skills can mean the difference between success and failure. It can even save one’s life.

Imagine how important the power of observation is in driving a car for example.

If there was an unexpected objects on the road,  or maybe someone crosses the street unexpectedly, being observant could help the driver avoid a car accident.

Students with excellent observation skills pay attention to what goes on in class, and easily remember the lectures, some even do not have to study as hard.

Observation skills are the foundation of effective spiritual disciplines such as meditation, mindfulness and Yoga.

Improving your powers of observation is the first step in practicing such techniques as creative visualization, the law of attraction, manifesting, or any other mental/spiritual techniques.

The following are a few simple exercises to get you started towards building great observation powers. 

They only take a few minutes each.

Exercises to Improve Your Powers of Observation

Observation Exercise 1

Go into a room or place that is new to you, take a quick look around, and then try to remember everything you saw.

Write them down (It helps if you have a little journal dedicated to this).

List everything in as much detail as possible, like colors, shapes, etc.

When you are done, open your eyes and see how many objects you missed.


Observation Exercise 2

  • Observing count: After climbing a flight of stairs, try to estimate how many they were.
  • Or if you are passing a line of people at a register in the supermarket, try to recall how many they were.
  • Make this as a game, and  yes, you can create your own exercises along those lines.


Observation Exercise 3

  • At the end of the day, try to recall everything you did at a certain time of the day, say right after lunch, or before dinner.
  • What did you do, where did you go, whom did you call. Limit this to approximately three minutes.
  • The next day try to recall a different time of day, also for 3 or 4 minutes.


Practice each exercise daily for at least four weeks, and then you can see how valuable this training is and how to improve your powers of observation effectively.

You can also design your own variations of the above exercises. Be creative!


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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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