3 Exercises to Improve Your Power of Concentration

3 Exercises to Improve Your Power of Concentration

Why Develop Your Power of Concentration

An important step in basic mind training is to develop the power of concentration.

The purpose of these exercises is to deliberately and consciously take charge of thought at will.

The following power of concentration exercises are to be performed daily in order to sharpen your power of concentration.

You can start them at the same time you start the observation exercises discussed in a previous post.


3 Simple Exercises to Build Your Power of Concentration

Concentration exercise No. 1:

Perform some mental calculations. For examples multiply two numbers together, mentally in your head. Verify your answers using a calculator. Start with easy 2 digit numbers, and then with 3 digit numbers. Try it with different numbers everyday.

Concentration exercise No. 2:

Memorize four lines of a new poem, once each day. Try to do it in less time each day.

Concentration exercise No. 3:

When encountering people on the street,  in a coffee shop or anywhere, Mentally pick one person, and look into his/her face closely for a brief moment, then look away and for one minute or so, try to see that face in your mind’s eye, analyze it’s expression. Try to understand that person!

The above are just sample exercises to give you an idea. You can easily create similar exercises to develop your mental powers of concentration.

Practice the above exercises consciously and conscientiously. You will become aware of your brain at work.


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Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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