How to Increase Your Psychic Energy for Health and Well-Being

How to Increase Your Psychic Energy
Do you feel as though your psychic energy is low? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how to maintain a high level of psychic energy and what steps you can take in order to increase it.
The human body is a complex bio-energy system. It is the house of our soul and it is vital that we maintain optimal health and well-being to have high levels of psychic energy.

How do you maintain a high level of psychic energy?

Maintaining your psychic energy is just as important as increasing it. Psychic energy can be depleted by neglecting to eat properly, being excessively stressed, or not getting enough sleep. If this happens then you will have a hard time performing any tasks that require concentration and focus. Learning how to build and maintain your psychic energy is an essential skill for all people looking to improve their abilities.

Exercise to increase your psychic energy to maintain optimal health and well-being:

  • Sit in a straight chair, head erect, spine straight. Rest your palms on your lap, unclasped. Have your feet separated but firmly on the floor.
  • See yourself surrounded by a bright white light. Visualize the white light all about you shining like a bright sun.
  • If you notice any area of your body where there is a blockage or discomfort of some sort, just focus the bright white light energy in that area. Concentrate on the focused light until you feel that area being cleared and the white light energy flowing freely.
  • Of special importance is the area around your neck, chest and back.
  • Focus the white energy in that area  until you feel a sense of relief, strength and a free flow of energy.
  • Stay in the powerful, bright white light for about five minutes.
  • End the exercise, rise and go about your daily activities.

If you perform this exercise diligently, and as you become psychically aware of your body, you will notice some areas that are tense, congested or painful. By using the above technique of visualization, you will be able to increase your psychic energy by directing and focusing the Vital Life Force.

You learned how to accumulate, store, and increase your psychic energy, now some tips on maintaining a high level of psychic energy.


How to stop dissipating your psychic energy:

Avoid the negative emotions of worry, fear and resentment.

Avoid haste. Avoid being always rushing and doing things in a hurry.

Avoid negative habits, such as eating junk foods or smoking.

Stop squandering your energy on the many trivial distractions you encounter during the day, such as having to check your phone messages compulsively or too frequently, for example.

Whatever you focus your thoughts on, your energy will follow.

It’s all common sense.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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