Mindfulness for a Healthier, More Prosperous Life

Mindfulness For Health

Mindfulness For Health and Financial Well-Being

New research studies have shown that practicing yoga and meditation have many health benefits, that include improving heart health, lowering blood pressure and helping relieve anxiety and depression.

Daily yoga or meditation practice can also reduce the body’s stress response and lower stress hormones such as cortisol.

This is great news when it is a known fact that almost 80% of doctor’s visits are attributed to various health problems which are caused by stress. This promises not only health benefits but health care savings as well.

Why Practice Mindfulness for Health

A recent study conducted by Dr. James E. Stahl and his team of researchers at Harvard University, to study the cost-effectiveness of mind-body therapies.

They studied an 8-week relaxation program at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, that offered its participants various practices including yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology.

The result? Health care savings of $640 to as much as %25,500 per patient per year.

Program participants used 43% fewer medical services than they did the previous year. That’s so encouraging to start practicing mindfulness for health and financial benefits.

Another study was conducted Aetna, to study the effects of yoga and meditation on Aetna employees who participated in the company’s mindfulness program.

The results? participants had 28% reduction in stress, 19% less pain, 20% better sleep, and a productivity boost that translated to $3000 per employee per year.

The benefits of yoga, meditation and other mind-body program are not only biological, but also financial as well. Start your mindfulness journey today!

For beginners it is helpful to keep a mindfulness journal to track your progress..


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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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