7 Free Guided Meditations for Sleep Available Now

Each one of these free guided meditations for sleep has been designed to invite relaxation and restful, natural sleep. 

Best Free Guided Meditation for Sleep

A good night sleep is essential for keeping our minds and bodies strong but it is not always an easy thing to get especially now.

The following free guided meditations for sleep recordings are not only high in quality and best in class, but they are also offered for FREE (for a limited time), from Amazon/Audible.

Each one of these free guided meditations for sleep has been designed to invite relaxation and restful, natural sleep. 


Diddy - Honor Yourself - Guided meditation for sleep


Honor yourself

find out what it’s like to have the nightly affirmation of a hip hop legend and entrepreneur in your ear as Diddy. 

In his signature velvety lilt confidently through his relaxing and reassuring guided meditation designed to help you slow down and find inner peace.

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Gabbey Bernstein - you are here Guided meditation for sleep

Gabby Bernstein

Motivational speaker

You are here


millions Rely On has disarmingly candid and life-affirming wisdom and now best-selling author Gabby Bernstein is sharing her talent here. In less than 10 minutes, this special guided meditation will center you and remind you that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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crystal bowl breathing - guided meditation for sleep

Jesse Israel

Founder, the big quiet

Crystal Bowl Breathing


Jesse Israel, known for his Mass scale meditations most recently for operas 20/20 vision tour, guides your inhalations and exhalations to sync with the deeply relaxing sounds of vibrating crystal bowls to calm your mind and body before bed.

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“now more than ever, sleep is essential for strengthening our immune systems and our minds” Ariana Huffington


sara auster - rest and digest guided meditation for sleep

Sara Auster

Sound therapist and meditation teacher

Rest and Digest

Sound bath

In this immersive sound bath, renowned sound therapist, meditation teacher, and author Sara Auster softly guide your breathing to help slow your heart rate and relax your body. Sound baths use sound as a type of therapy that can stimulate your parasympathetic response to promote a feeling of deep relaxation, which has been shown to help you sleep.

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Agapi Stassinopolous - center yourself - guided meditation for sleep

Agape Stassinopoulos

Meditation guide, Thrive global

Center Yourself


The author Agape Stassinopoulos background firmly rooted in ancient myth, had a meditation feels like practical wisdom passed down for generations. She helps put your attention on your breath, feel gratitude, and create a sense of space between you and your stress.

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Bram Barouh loving kindness - guided meditation for sleep

Bram Barouh

Mindfulness educator

Loving kindness


Braum’s warm voice and light-hearted nature make it easier to take part in this powerful relevant meditation. simply focus on a person or a pet who fills your heart with love and embrace your wishes for their health peace and happiness.

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Gordon Hempton - Cape Cod National Seashore Soundscape - Guided meditation for sleep

Gordon Hempton

Acoustic ecologist

Cape Cod National Seashore


Gordon Hamptons lifelong mission is to preserve nature through sound. Unlike and nature sounds created in studios, golden captures the real deal. Relax, close your eyes, and experience the waves crashing onto the wet like the Earth’s own breathing.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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