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Abraham Hicks Meditation Tips and Advice

Here is some Abraham Hicks meditation advice.

“That’s what meditating is like. Your goal is to quiet your mind, but when you first start to quiet your mind your mind isn’t quieted. So you have a sort of internal battle going on because you want to quiet your mind but it isn’t.”

You want to quiet your mind but it isn’t. You want to quiet your mind, But you’re so focused on quieting your mind but you can’t.

And so we say, Listen to the “air conditioner”. It’s so beautifully boring. You have no judgment about it. I’ve heard better.

Abraham Hicks – Releasing Resistance

Just let your mind relax and at first there’s a tension isn’t there? You know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the tension of releasing resistance, which is easily accomplished by releasing thought but there’s a tension in releasing thought because you’ve trained your minds to focus. You have to learn to give some things up and let go.


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“And your mind doesn’t want to really release though your mind wants to focus on something and the law of attraction is going to cause your mind to focus on the most active thought which in most cases is resistant in nature to some degree. So when you meditate you have to focus on something and let that tension be there because it’s natural, but just keep focusing until you break through the atmosphere.

You will. And when you do, sweet relief will come over you. That’s the state of non-resistance. And when you do that, we’re talking about 15 or 20 minutes to get there. When you do that now, everything in your vortex, you are allowing. But don’t want you to think about it.

We want you to just sit in that. Relief in that release in that absence of resistance. And no, but don’t know it so much that you’re thinking just not. That what’s in your vortex is now calling you and there’s no resistance in you. So you’re going and as you go now, I thought we’ll occur to you an impulse will occur to you. And when it comes think about that.

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Abraham Hicks Meditation technique

Esther is writing, and as she writes her segment of intention, as she’s going to meditate she’s begun writing something like this not the same words every time but the same intention.

I’m going to sit for 20 minutes or so.

I’m going to turn off my phone.

And sit in a place where there will not be interruptions.

The universe has such good timing.

And I’m going to quiet my mind by focusing on this sound – sometimes it’s a sound in her house. The refrigerator makes a really nice sound that condenses the air conditioner and makes a really nice sound but sometimes it turns on and off.

“I’m going to focus on this sound, this sound of silence, and I’m going to allow my vibration to rise, and then this is the keyword that she has just discovered recently and this is everything that we’re leading up to with you. And then I’m going to watch the movie if it happens. Gonna watch the movie if it happens.”

I have one singular intention and that is to release any resistance that I have okay now that made perfect sense to you.

Your Abraham Hicks meditation will be more pleasurable from now on! Pleasurable, and therefore powerful. Pleasurable is what we’re going for but therefore more powerful but pleasurable is what we’re going for, because if you go for the power of it, you’re gonna try to create within it.

If you go for the pleasure of it you’ll chill you’ll allow it to be so you got that good now what we’re saying to you is that’s the same stance that we want you to now be relative to everything that you want because you’ve done the work you have sifted through the data you’ve done step one source has gathered the cooperative components step two is done now your work relative distant subject is to let it be let it come to you don’t try to direct it that makes you focus in the same way that we were giving the example of makes you activate vibrations that are in your way you.

Close not to this end result to this never-ending pattern and path of results results results results results results results results.

You’re not ever going to get it done.

You’re not ever going to get to the end but as the universe says here you go and you say I see that.

And then the universe says, here you go. And you say, I see that.

“I am bowled over by my awareness of the cooperative universe that is acting on my behalf.”

And if the question and the answer are really close together or the problem of this solution is so close together, then you have that feeling of your hands in the quiet but you don’t mess it up by focusing upon a problem when you’re not close enough to the solution to let it in.

What do you get from that?

Do you acknowledge that it is not your nature? Yes. Do you acknowledge that you are a powerful thinker and that you have long been making things happen with your thought that by your sheer will and powerful intent that you stand out in the crowd because you’re more focused than almost anybody, you know.

Well, you admit that it’s been pretty tense for as long as you can remember.

And are you now getting it that tension while you’ve earned it and it is admirable in a physical environment where the harder you try and the more you sacrifice and the more effort you make them more your rewarded from the puny little pile that there’s not steady continuous bliss and satisfaction and ease and flow and a feeling of worthiness and blessedness in that.

You’re ready for flipping that switch you really are, and sometimes you do it, but there is a tension about you.

That we would just put under the big label of “I can make this happen” and we want to say to you to all of you you’ve already made it happen now you want to let it in, but when you say I can make this happen then you’re still trying to make it happen, which means you’re not ready to let it in which means everything that’s queued up for you can’t get in because you’re still trying to make it happen.

And when you’re making it happen, you’re still considering the contrast.

Well, you can launch rockets all day every day and there is a certain satisfaction in that.

But oh compared to getting in this flow of Divine intervention Divine cooperation, where all that is who knows everything that you desire and all of the reasons behind it and where every piece of satisfaction is you notice every piece of satisfaction, not every piece of the puzzle that will move it along.

Can you accept that?

Can you accept that? The feeling of satisfaction.

And the accomplishment of the powerful state of being that you want are the same thing. But with emphasis on the pleasure. You can be there now.

And with emphasis on the power. You hold it off.

Can you feel the difference? When you say I’m going to tune in and I’m going to take this alignment and then I’m going to accomplish this.

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You point right at the problem that needs to be overcome. But when you are looking for the pleasure of it now, you’ve just broken through the atmosphere now you’re feeling the release of it. And now you’re letting the universe have its way with you which requires trust. That you’re worthy and trust that your inner being knows what you want and trust that the cooperative components have been gathered and trust that you’re going to like it as you move along.


Expectation people let you down. You put your trust in others who don’t hold you as they’re steady objects of attention. This is what happens with almost all of you. You trust another human to make you their priority and it defies the selfies nature that all are born with.

Everyone is selfishly inspired because they are attracted to their point of attraction, and so what did we describe as we began today you and you your inner being is you your inner being is attracting to you you say. And so that’s why we use words like trust the process trust the feeling trust the laws of the universe trust the law of attraction and in time you will trust your worthy nature.

You will trust the love that the universe has for you.

You will trust the well-being of your life experience. Trust is the only word Esther can find that means what you will understand as we focus upon this.

You see you can look you can see with your eyes and smell can see in here and smell and taste in touch and so that’s a reality that you acknowledge is real but what’s over here in the vortex your physical census can’t see it or hear it or smell your tasty or touch it yes.

And so, it requires trust. Well, what is that Abraham you’re asking me to know blindly. Not look and not see and not hear and not smell and not taste and not touch you’re asking me to not use any of the resources that I am comfortable in using and to look somewhere where I can’t see it just take your word for it that it’s over there we say that’s why we use the word trust but in a little while it won’t be a stretch to trust it because you’ll identify the feeling of love when it’s there, the feeling of confidence you’ll come to rely or trust the emotions, so we’ve been appealing to your logic.


The laws of the universe

And we want to help you combine with you and as we explain to you the way the laws of the universe work and then we speak to you about things that you can feel like when we were talking about Abraham Hicks meditation, that when we’re talking about moving towards something that feels good rather than away from what you want which always feels bad, you don’t have to trust your emotions you understand that you understand the difference between the way loving someone feels and the way hating someone feels have you ever the same person that someone you know, and you say you love.

Them in your life experience I love this person but you’re talking smack about them do you know what talking smack about them feels like just facing reality we know you know, what talking smack about them feels like and you know, what a genuine appreciation of them in a moment feels like feeling the goosebumps the sort of comes over you when you get focused upon something in alignment with your inner being this isn’t trust this is stuff, you know your guidance system works and you know it so we’re just asking you to trust that when it feels good it is and when it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t the when it feels good you’re moving in the direction of who you really are and what you want and what you’ve expanded to and will it doesn’t feel good. So trust in the sense that you’re flying blind instead, you’ve got guidance within you that is letting you know.

It is helpful to keep a dedicated Abraham Hicks journal to track your journey.

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