A Simple Trick to Become Invulnerable to Negative Emotions

Become Invulnerable to Negative Emotions

What is Emotional Telepathy?

Are you invulnerable to negative emotions? Do you know that most of the emotions you feel are not your own? This is due to what is called “Emotional Telepathy”.

We live in an emotional world, and our emotions are very easily transmitted to the people around us.

Have you ever entered a room full of happy people and then suddenly you start feeling happy and joyful?

Or you wake up feeling happy and content and encounter negative people who are always complaining and depressed, then you start feeling sad and depressed?

How can one become invulnerable to negative emotions from other people?

How to Become Invulnerable to Negative Emotions?

Therefore it is of utmost importance to learn to distinguish between our own self-originating emotions and the negative emotions of others, in order to avoid being swept over and tossed around in the sea of emotions.

If you identify an emotion that is foreign or coming from without and not really your own, then you can, if you so desire, dis-associate yourself from it.

All you need to do is to “step out” of it, and go on your own way focusing your energy on what you really want to feel.

With regular practice you can become invulnerable to negative emotions from others.

Train Your Mind to Control Your Emotions

The tool we use to control emotions is the mind, which is stronger and much more powerful than emotions.

We can use our mind to step away from our own unwanted emotions or those that come our way from other people.

We can use our mind to confront and question an undesirable emotion.

As you face your emotions and expose them to the light of reason and logic, most of these negative emotions will disappear.

You may encounter some deeply ingrained emotions that are more subtle and hard to see. Such emotions as guilt, fear, desire to always please others and the desire to look good, the desire be right, to name a few.

Since those emotions work behind the scenes, many of our actions and decisions could have been “guided” by the desire to be always right, or out of a certain fear of something, and we might not know it.

Once we are aware of each emotion and confront it and question its origin, then little by little we are able to dismantle its hold and put it in perspective.

There are age-old exercises to develop emotional control, which we will reveal in the next post.



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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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