The Truth Behind The Secret and The Law of Attraction

The Truth Behind The Secret

The Truth Behind The Secret and The Law of Attraction

In one of his recent webinars, well-known spirituality writer William Bloom, discussed the truth behind The Secret and explained the real secret about the Law of Attraction and how it works.

The Laws of Attraction and Manifestation

I’m going to explain to you in my opinion how the secret and the laws of attraction and manifestation work. I’m then going to explain why it is that they don’t work for a lot of people. It’s very confusing. They seem to work for some people and they don’t work for a lot of people and I’ll explain why that is.

And after I’ve explained why that is I’ll share some understanding and possibility of strategies you can use to move forward with your work if you want to work into the future with them the laws of manifestation and attraction.

Some are gonna start off with the Secret the laws of manifestation and attraction and the principles inside them are principles that were taught in mystery schools. Magical schools shamanic schools for millennia. Historically they were only ever taught by a particular teacher to a particular student occasionally students, but not very many.

But one of the things that’s happened in the last hundred years or so is that these secrets have become more or less public they become public and a lot of people of course don’t believe in them don’t accept them even when they’re explained to them and let me just tell you what these secrets were just remember that historically these secrets would be given to you after a teacher had decided that she they could really trust.

You and quite possibly you might have had to take an oath of silence, an oath of obedience, an oath of ethics to the highest good before these secrets were shared with you. There are three major secrets that were taught in these initiations and I’m going to put them up on the screen for you to look at and just talk through them.

The Three Secrets of the Laws of Manifestation

  1. The first secret was that what you can see is not all there is that behind everything in everything there is an invisible matrix an invisible energy and this energy this matrix this consciousness that you cannot see is an act of like just as powerful and influential as the object itself.
  2. The second secret was that you can influence this invisible realm with. Your feelings, your imagination and your thoughts.
  3. The third secret was that like attracts like.

So it’s like in music if you sound out a particular note as a particular vibration then it will set up a similar vibration in something at a distance it’s a it’s a basic law of physics that works also in energy work in the and subtle energies that a vibration will always connect with a similar vibration so at the most. Herein lies the first truth behind the secret.

Mystical level. If you vibrate with love and benevolence, you will connect with the vibrations of love and evidence. Equally if you vibrate with the vibrations of selfishness. You will connect with other vibrations of selfishness.

In anthropology, this was called in the studies of what’s called magic in anthropology, this was called sympathetic magic, so for example if a.

Pagan which or a voodoo priest want to to connect with someone else for better of a worse, they would like to have a doll which represented them and the doll would hold the vibration of the person and maybe have some hairs from the person and that resonance in the doll would connect them with the actual person.

Equally in magical ceremonies where you call in an angel or a spirit you would have an object or something that you would focus on and that object would remind you of the spirit of the angel, the particular quality of energy and in focusing on it and vibrating it it would then connect you with the object.


Everything is Vibration

So the law of manifestation, and the truth behind the secret was that. If you vibrate if you have a resonance within you of that which you want to attract to you, then you must vibrate inside yourself you must resonate with the vibration of that which you want to attract to you, so if you want to attract prosperity.

Then you need to be vibrating in the first place inside yourself with the resonance of prosperity. Or if you want to attract a beautiful handsome intelligent, rich partner.

Then inside yourself you need it to be resonating with a rich handsome beautiful partner. This is the truth behind the secret and the law of attraction.

And in order to help people do this work this prosperity work prosperity work this abundance work.

They’re all kinds of exercises that included surrounding yourselves with images of prosperity images of banknotes and currency and little you know. there’s little piggies that you put money into save money in all that kind of stuff.

And then you’d have also around you you’d have affirmations and mantra that would say things like I am prosperous and rich and, I’m filled with abundance and then you would visualize have a sense of a picture of an experience of what it was you wanted and you would keep holding that as a picture inside yourself and resonating at the same time.

I am prosperous. I am abundant.

There would be an expectation it would come to you.

This strategy of manifestation of prosperity and magnet magnetizing prosperity, so you draw prosperity to you. Was evidenced and illustrated usually by a particular teacher or a particular little group of teachers all of whom would have fabulously rich and had fabulous partners and fabulous lives and could say yes look.

I am abundant and prosperous, it worked to me. For you. And so thousands hundreds of thousands millions maybe because there are prosperous churches, for example in the United States and Africa in South America, so maybe millions of people are doing these exercises. And. Ten years on, it’s still poor.

And worse than being poor is somehow rather inside themselves, they now assess themselves as being failures.

And they assess themselves is not being good enough, and there’s that stream of prosperity which says that if you’re poor that shows that you are an emotionally poor person.  If you’re rich that means you’re emotionally rich.

And so there’s some guilt tripping that goes on here so these poor folk who are not achieving what they want to achieve and not only still stuck in poverty, but they’re still stuck in a in a in a judgment of emotional poverty.


Why does it work for some people and not for others?

So I’m going to look at the reasons for that right now and the first thing I want to say it’s a bit very obvious and you’ll go oh yes, of course the first thing I want to say is that yes there’s a part of you that says.

I’m abundant and prosperous. I can have the perfect partner. I can have the perfect life, but that is just a little part of you. And that little part of you sits inside. A whole huge energy field is going to put a picture up here. Sits inside a whole huge energy field, which is like an iceberg.

So there’s that little part of you at the top which is consciously going. I am prosperous. I am abundant. I am attracted to me exactly. I need but rumbling beneath you is the unconscious there’s a load of unconscious stuff. So let’s just be realistic about what this unconscious stuff is, that’s influencing.

The ability to manifest what you want to manifest. Part of it’s psychological. And part of it is spiritual mystical. The part that is psychological. Is. Grounded in Freud’s insight more than 100 years ago, which is that we carry psychological dynamics that come from our experience in the world both canals.

Little babies are early childhood that things are happening to us all the way through from room to room and early childhood and this stuff is huge and enormous we’re surrounded by giants none of whom are perfect and we are responding in certain ways all the time and that’s stuff from our childhood.

Stay stuck within us influencing how we behave as adults. So we all know that the way that we relate especially to those that are most closely connected with the way we relate to them is the way our emotions move the way our feelings move. They’re all stuff that’s something deep down inside of us.

And we would have needed a wonderful parenting for deep down inside of us to have a sense of I’m a hundred percent okay? I’m a hundred percent prosperous. I’m a hundred percent at ease. I absolutely deserve everything in the universe that should come to me. There is stuff inside us.

Which is just vibrating away.

And it colors everything how we perceive our lives and how we behave in our lives and at the same time more than that there’s what we would call evolutionary psychology, which is that we are creatures mammals and we have in us and profound instincts for procreation for sex for connection for space for intimacy for status and all these things are bubbling under.

Neath us underneath our consciousness, so there we are going.

I am prosperous and full of abundance and I’m going to have the perfect partner,  and underneath there is this huge unconscious area going through something else that squeaks out. And it’s just sending out a completely different vibration so the vibration of what’s going on unconsciously is stronger than the vibration of what you’re doing consciously.

And it doesn’t matter how many times you say the affirmation and how many times you put the notes and reminders up around you this stuff that’s going on unconsciously within you is sending out a vibe. That is the truth behind the secret.

The second reason is that before you were born you were a soul.

And after you die, you will still be a soul and who you we really are is we’re a soul. In incarnation. And we are souls. Have our histories.

And we incarnate with those histories. And we incarnate and have a life that’s colored by those histories and colored by a sense of what is needed next. For our development.

And this history. Has been going on for thousands of years. And will continue into the future. And it’s destiny. This is the good news. It’s destiny is that. You me all of us. We develop and grow and become. Conscious. And loving. Conscious and loving 100% of the time in every cell.

Of our bodies. Wonderful journey. But it’s a journey full of lessons. Full of difficulties, some suffering from high points from low points. So when? You do. Your manifestation prosperity exercises, you’ve got these two huge dynamics. That is the unconscious. And the soul’s journey. Working around you. Filling your energy field.

Coloring vibrating how other people respond and relate to you. So with that whole huge amongst things you’d like this enormous balloon of energy surrounding you you might go into the bank to ask for a loan and the little person they’re sitting on the other side of the day’s got a big person because they’ve also got a huge energy field.

It’s not just experiencing you they’re also experiencing this whole field of who you are and it’s the same with investors and business ideas. They get a sense of who you are as a whole and how they may work with you. And just a simple act of going. I am prosperous and abundant.

I have all that I need, the perfect partner, all the money in the world is going to come to me. Just simply is not going to vibrate stronger than this whole big package of who you are.

So, why does it work for some people?

Well, let’s be very clear. Some people. Get rich. Well luck is just fortune they’re in the right place at the right time with the right idea and compound their works.

Now think of Facebook and, You know there is in his dorm at the University comes up with one idea which doesn’t it’s kind of works for dating and then it just develops and it’s it’s almost a piece of luck but he managed to surf that piece of luck.

There are other people I know who think of one guy who was in a business that got him a middle manager but he had some shares and the business was bought out by a huge company and suddenly he found that his little shareholding was suddenly worth taking a couple of him.

Pounds. I know someone else in IT the IT world who found themselves in a position where they were at the right place at the right time, they had the right background and they just managed to understand what was needed in a particular app and it was absolutely perfect and then a huge corporation bought it from them for a few million dollars as well.

So it was the right time, the right place, a bit of luck and you can say to me, no, there’s always destiny and I’m gonna say to you here maybe. But wise up. Why buy up there is an element of what used to be called fortune, you know, the terror pack was a fortune card for Trinitas in Latin why is that there’s an aspect of fortune?

Good luck with the place rule of this. There’s another aspect which plays through all of this which is that this be very realistic here. I’m thinking of it. Some of the wonderful people. I know who work as therapists and carers and health care workers who have said this to me at various times.

I need more money. I need to be returned. I need to be more abundant and I’ve been doing these exercises for years now and I’m not getting what I. Deserve in terms of all the energy work on putting in to becoming huge and I look at them. We have a very realistic moment when I look at them and say if you were working.

You know, it’s possible inside your particular career to earn the kind of money that you want as a nurse as a career assistant as a therapist as a shop assistant. As a call center employee. Is it possible inside those situations to earn that kind of money? And they go no.

And you know, especially to those who are in care in professions of teachers or social workers. I say look you seem to have made a decision. At a soul level. That you want to be of service that the kind of life you want to live. Now it is a life that is a service and in that context.

You have been very successful and emotionally there’s a certain abundance and prosperity there and why is it you’re getting distracted by the desire for the instinct for more money?

If you seriously want more money, you need to change your job in the first place. Did you understand what I’m saying, this is there’s a reality check here about are you doing what is necessary in order to bring in the money you want to bring in?

You know, it’s the same thing for the person who says I want a beautiful handsome lovely enriched partner. And all they’re doing is basically just vibrating neediness and needing and needy and all your good all that personal track to them is someone else who’s needy but where the thing is if they were to then go okay, wait a minute.

I’m not going to remake myself to be beautiful. I’m handsome. I’m feeling prosperous right and then you have to put yourself in those situations where you will meet someone who is similar so there’s some strategy. Involved here.

Understanding of the different dynamics that work into the laws of manifestation none of this is to deny that sympathetic magic works that we can influence and energies and that like attracts like this is not to deny any of that it’s just so there are other big factors that play here.

The three dynamics

In which he said that if you want to understand how your life actually unfolds. Then the way to understand it is that there are three powerful dynamics at work. That is the truth behind the secret and the laws of manifestation.

So one of them is fortune or chance. I’ve written it in this diagram is chance, you know, listen you live in the middle of eight billion people.

Things are happening there are elements of chaos in life that is just the way life is and quite honestly you are naive if you think chance does not play a part, chance fortune for junitas does play a part. And then there is karma / dharma, that’s what I’m saying, your soul has a journey. This is the second truth behind the secret.

Is okay here are the lessons from the past that I need to be integrating and working with and my Dharma is given to who I am and the talents. I have how I should be living out my life right now in order to progress my soul’s development? Karma here are the lessons from the past dharma, what is my soul’s intention for manifesting itself fully in this life?

And then the third element. Is human will purpose. Because. With a lot of willpower you have the freedom if you wish to override chance and to override your karma dharma. That is the third truth behind the secret.

If you have the willpower and the discipline and the intentionality. Then you can choose to bulldoze your way forward through life ignoring your dharma comma putting the chance and fortune to the side and just going forward it is what you want to do.

And there are occasions in all our lives when we have to do that anyway there are occasions in our lives where we see the possibility of a way forward, the possibility of a relationship, the possibility of a certain type of work or a certain type of study and we have to use it.

Personal power and discipline to take ourselves for it may be in terms of studying something for three years it may be in terms of daring to going to make contact with someone it may be that if you’re starting a company and you want it to be really successful, you know, that the two or three years you may have to work 16 hours a day to get that thing off the ground, do you have that?

Kind of intentionality because that will drive you forward, so the people who made their millions. You know, some of them it may have been Dharma karma because they incarnated with a talent for working with finance they incarnated with a talent for some particular meta at which they could excel and therefore make a lot of money incarnate with the talent for relationship the incarnated with a talent from bullying and getting what they want sometimes.

And there are other people who have a sense of what they want when they go for it. And there are other people who just leave it to fortune or chance and maybe they’ll be lucky. And there are other people in terms of their karma dharma, my job is to be a terror.

My job is to learn about mindfulness, my job is to learn about opening my heart and I keep getting distracted by this business of making money having the perfect partner that’s not really what life is about and the whole reason I got involved with the secret and the laws of manifestation was because in actual fact I needed to learn better how to manage myself and to wake up more fully and to realize that it’s not material success.

I want the next fact. I need to grow up and become more mature. I don’t know us all. Serve our own lives.

So finally here’s a story that may entertain you.

I used to run workshops to do with this field, especially making money and. There was an exercise in it that we used to run sometimes and this exercise was. Get everybody very deeply relaxed and then say okay imagine now that you’ve got a billion dollars you have it you’ve got it line there completely relaxed you have a billion dollars just.

Allow yourself to soak in that extraordinary feeling of having a billion dollars.

You have all the houses you want, you know, you’ve got a beautiful house in the Alps, you’ve got a beautiful house in the West. Indies you’ve got a beautiful house wherever you want to house right you’ve got enough money that you can give the Dali Lama several millions of dollars in order to support his work, you’re fabulously comfortable and just feel into what that is like for you.

And we have people just there swimming swirling in this feeling of having a billion dollars and everything’s absolutely perfect and then we ask them. Listen, do you think what you really want is just this feeling? Do you want this feeling or do you want the hassle? Of actually having to do the work to make that amount of money.

And then there’s a pause in that moment you’ve got the feeling do you want to feel him because you can have the feeling right now? Without all the money. But if you want the money if you want that level of success, you’re going to have to work for it.

Your will power

Your willpower is going to have to come in and drive you forward. Like a horse rider riding your karma dama. Skirting around chance and. Creating your own good fortune. That is open to you. Of course it is. Of course it is. So, there you go. That’s my take very quick, take.

On the secret and the laws of manifestation. Ultimately. I think that what we’re about is this long soul’s journey. Over becoming more loving, more conscious. And if you’re disturbed or concerned about your financial situation. Relax, come home to yourself. And be aware that life is about opening your heart and becoming more conscious.

That said, I am also. A person of social and political conscience and I want a world where social justice enables every person on it to be housed, educated , fed and safe. And so for me my aspiration would not be for my personal fortune but would be for the good fortune of absolutely everybody.

Okay, so I’m going to have a look and see if any interesting questions have come in. So, I can’t see them easily so I’m going to my whatsapp stream with e-turn to see whether he’s got anything to type at me. If you’re living right now, you can see that underneath the YouTube screen with me coming through on it.

There’s a place where you can chat and pose questions. So I’m looking to see if there’s anything coming through. And I’ve got somebody just saying what is it? I don’t know what you mean by that question.

So Diane says, nobody is going to be making much money during this global lockdown. Yeah, some people are though. I know someone who made it. A herd of someone who made 350,000 pounds just by buying a whole load of masks early on. The Amazon stock has gone up but it hasn’t by boom stock by about 15%.

I’m just hoping that those folk are generous and distribute what they get from this. Penises. This is so needed too many people have very simplistic ideas about manifestation and then feel inadequate yeah, absolutely. Yeah is the inadequacy is the bit that I don’t like about the failure when people don’t make it we’re using these manifestation techniques because they do feel inadequate and that’s probably how they felt in the first place and it’s now then worse and haven’t had the whole paradigm the whole constellation of dynamics explained to them.

And says again definitely tough times at the moment, but even now things can be done as a company’s too exceptionally well, yes. And people are connecting in numerous ways over the internet, that is absolutely true.

Yeah banks are up well my friend died, oh and sunny and they’re going right on thank you die.

Somebody asks, hi William are there any active mystery schools in the world today?

You know, the mystery schools are still happening invisibly where one picks up information intuitively. And. I think the gateway nowadays into mystery schools is through meditation that is in meditation you open your radar and you allow yourself to receive. Wise teachings. I wish there were good mystery schools, there’s lots of good teachers, every energy school teacher has something valuable to share.

Linda have you got any more guidelines for meeting the man of my dreams, oh Linda no. I don’t accept it. Become the kind of woman the man of your dreams would like to meet because that will make it possible maybe. I don’t know if I always say one area in which I’m completely ignorant is relationships, no wisdom about relationships.

Which I did.

It’s really hard to stay positive right now. I totally get the positive feeds positive, but what about those days when we just can’t do it. Yes, there are days when people just cannot be positive and I. As a mystic. As an energy worker. I say to you in those days if you can.

Open the window connect with the sky the clouds the sun know that beneath wherever you live beneath the city, there’s earth and fire at the center of the earth there’s a whole universe that’s bigger than just this blob of stuff which is humanity and if you can can lift yourself out of the melancholy do what you love do some dancing do some movement and just connect with the wonder of life, which is still there.

And do that and if you can’t and you’re melancholic, I hope that you feel well soon. Does a person have to be enlightened before they can manifest no no it. No. I think it just requires a repeat of the question: does a person have to be enlightened before they can manifest.

Well depends what you want to manifest, doesn’t it? If you want to manifest money and prosperity. I don’t think being enlightened has anything to do with it. I think if you want a man to first love compassion and consciousness. A more socially just world and yes being enlightened helps so you make your choices and your choices will be based on your Dharma karma.

It’s complex, we human beings are complex, it’s not black and white.

What would you suggest? Lisa that we can incorporate into a daily practice. If we want to put the effort into the network.

I think especially during this corona crisis. I think the greatest thing that any of us can do. Is to as I said a few minutes ago. Connect with the wonder and energy of life, connect with God, connect the spirit to connect with love, compassion, that’s in the cosmos deep in the earth, connect with that and just be.

A calm. Caring. Vibration, calm caring vibration. Do that with the people closest to you with your neighbors and if you’re a meditator, calm caring vibe going out to Whitehall to the White House. Wherever you choose to feel it going.

Do I have any good books to recommend on this particular subject?

You know? The whole area of energy works sympathetic magic and understanding how the laws of resonance work is in the actual practice and the doing of it. The book. That had the most influence on the was a book by Alice Bailey. Called a treatise on white magic. But it’s quite big and long and heavy and prior to that.

I read this isn’t my twenties and I read three or four cult books a week. Many years. So in all the different schools taught and, At the end of the day. They came out with the same lessons. Commit to ethics, commit to white magic, commit to the high path, commit to the royal past.

Commit to compassion and doing good number one. Number two. When you’re working with energy. Learn to discern between that which is negative and that which is positive that which is positive will make a child feel safe and able to grow. That which is negative will feel harmful and cause anxiety.

So ethics. Discern between the good and the bad between their ancient language between love and evil. And then learn to open to connect with the vibration and learn to close. And then inside the different schools people learn to connect with different lives, but I think this is one of those things if you really into this topic give yourself three to five years to read about it.

Well, I recommend that we do it on a daily basis.

I think I will go back. Spiritual practice is daily practice in which you connect with a wandering energy with God spirit and you allow yourself to become calm and centered within it. From within that common sense of them, allow yourself to have a sense of. Your needs and that.

I am able to feel careful, difficult and abundant in my thoughts, feeling of abundance that you’re cared for and safe and from that space you can strategically feel into what you want to do to help others or attract what you want to attract.

William Bloom is a holistic teacher and the author of several books, including The Endorphin Effect, Psychic Protection, and Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits.

Source: William Bloom

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