Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Secret [Attract ONLY What You Want]

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Secret

Abraham Hicks Secret to Attracting Only What You Want

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law that has been around for centuries. It states that like attracts like, and our thoughts create reality. But how do we know which thoughts are the “right” ones? We all have good intentions, but sometimes we want one thing and end up with something else entirely. Here’s Abraham Hicks law of attraction secret, what you need to know in order to attract only what you want.

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Secret

Being clear about what you want is so helpful, being clear about what you want helps you to know what you’re doing vibrationally.

In other words if you’re clear about what you want and for some reason you are observing something that opposes it, if your desire is focused and sharp and clear within you, then your emotional guidance system will let you know about the off-ness of your vibrational mix.

Getting accurate guidance

Thinking about what you want is so helpful because it helps you figure out if you are aware of your guidance system.

And if you know what your emotions mean you can feel your level of personal self destructive opposition to your own desires.

No one else can affect you or hold you back

And that’s so helpful because it is only your own personal opposition to your own desires that ever holds anything up or slows it down or keeps you from realizing it fully, did you get that?

No one else can affect you! your attention to them and your reaction to them and therefore your vibrational response to them which is included in your vibrational mix certainly that does affect you, but you have so much more control over your vibrational mix, then you know.

Activating your emotional guidance system

Being clear about what you want is really an important first step in the stronger activation of your emotional guidance system.

If someone called you on the phone and said hello you don’t know me I just calling you to tell you that I will never call you again, you would not have a strong emotional reaction to that, you’d say goodbye.

But if someone you care about called you and delivered that same message to you you would have a strong emotional response to that, because your desire about your relationship with that person is being challenged by what you believe to be something that’s happening in the moment.

The condition of the moment and your response to it has activated a vibration within you that’s in your way. It seems perfectly logical that under those conditions and a lot of conditions that you would feel negative emotion and you certainly would be justified in proclaiming your justification.

When life comes to you, or it feels like it comes at you, it’s really coming to you in response to your vibration, the law of attraction is bringing it to you. But when it comes to you sometimes you feel you need to be on the defensive because what’s coming seems offensive to you.

Don’t focus on the things that you do not want

So many humans get into a place of justification or rationalization defensive stance, where you’re trying to hold away from you the things that you do not want, but your attention to them, your observation of them doesn’t hold them away, it causes you to be an active vibrational partner.

But when you are an active participant in some thought or response or reaction to something, and when it is in your mix you’re going to feel an emotional response to what that mix is, and that is such a good thing.

If someone says to you , you seem to be in a really terrible mood, what you want to say to them my emotional guidance system is working really well, and I can feel that I’m really messing something up that matters to me a lot.

Gain control of your focus

They’ll be shocked to hear you take responsibility for your mix. We know that your response to life does cause emotions within you, but we want you to gain control not of your emotions, but of your focus, and therefore of your emotions, we want you to get so good at including what you want in your vibrational mix.

Then there is hardly any air time for what you don’t want we want you to just be willing to beat that drum of unwanted so quickly and responsible and we actually want you to be so clear about what you want and your own desires to be so active in your vibration that when other things come, they play a very minor role in your vibrational mix.

Let your desires reign supreme – and your beliefs would follow

We want to talk about your emotional proportional mix between your desires and your beliefs we want your desires to reign supreme and your beliefs would adjust to them we don’t want you to have been dragging a belief around of your inadequacy or of the injustice or unfairness of the world.

We don’t want you to have been dragging one of those beliefs around and using it as a hindrance to the things that you want, because those kinds of thoughts do hinder what you want. You just can’t give airtime to the things that you’re pushing against in your human experience … what you give your attention to you is attracted to you.

There is no such thing as the “law of exclusion”

There is no such thing as the law of exclusion, or the law of get that away from me, there is no such thing. There’s only the law of Attraction… That’s the Abraham Hicks law of attraction secret to manifesting what you really want.

When you look at something that you want to be in your life experience and you give it your attention… you’re saying yes to what you want and you’re calling to you this thing you want, but when you look at something that you do not want and you’re shouting NO at it you’re actually saying YES to this thing that you do not want.

There’s no such thing as yes and no in a vibrational universe. There’s just attention to it or not attention to it, and your attention to it is always inviting it into your experience. We know that your life experience is proving it to you. There’s not a shred of evidence to the contrary of any of that anywhere in this universe.

You are a Vibrational Being

The law of attraction is this powerful law that is the manager of the vibrational mix and you are a vibrational being.

Do you know that you are vibrational first and foremost and those vibrations turn to thoughts and those thoughts turn to things?

Yes you live in this world where there is such wonderful manifestation and by that we mean manifestation that you can see and hear and smell and taste and touch, but when what you see and hear and smell and taste and touch becomes the only thing you think about, and you don’t give thought to the things that are still in the vibrational mix, that are still in the state of becoming, when you’re not tending to your early-stage vibrations that will end up being manifested, if you wait until it’s manifested before you address it though, there’s so much momentum already underway…

It is much more difficult; and it would be so much easier for you to become a dreamer who dreams a dream than a realist who opposes so much that’s already here.

Anticipate the unfolding of the things that you want

You think that what’s in the vibrational mix, that you cannot yet see or hear, a little bit like a baby in the womb – although you do have devices that let you see it, but it’s not the same as a baby in the arms, it’s a different experience.

You have this vibrational womb so to speak where there are so many things in the gestation process, there in the state of becoming, and if you will dream about those and plan for those and think well of those and anticipate the unfolding of the things that you want, that life has helped you know that you want… if you would give your attention to those things that are in the process of becoming…

Allow what’s vibrationally underway to evolve

It’s human you say to us it’s hard to call something that we cannot yet see or hear or smell or taste your touch and no one else can either. Reality is hard for us to accept the is-ness of that, but you’ve got to, you must accept the is-ness of what is in motion and you must allow what’s vibrationally underway to evolve and become that which you can then see and react, if you are to be the magnificent creator that you were born to be.

Feel it into becoming

But if you are like so many humans who just want to see it and then catalog it, pigeon hole it, debate it, evaluate what you consider to be the appropriateness or inappropriateness of it, then you are a post-manifestational creator and that is so hard, you wait for it to show up and then you said can see that coming, and we want you to say “saw that coming” we want you to see it all coming…better said, we want you to feel it coming, better said we want you to feel it into becoming.

Therein lies the Abraham Hicks law of attraction secret formula in a nutshell.

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Sources: Inspired by and adapted from a live Abraham Hicks workshop

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