Abraham Hicks Secret to Well-being

Abraham Hicks Secret to Well Being

The Abraham Hicks secret to well being is simple: think about what you want, not what you don’t want. When you focus on the positive, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities and opportunities.

Don’t get bogged down by negative thoughts or fears; instead, train your mind to dwell on the good things in life. As Esther Hicks likes to say, “think only about what you want.” Just sit back and watch as the universe provides for you.

Who is Abraham Hicks and what do they teach

Abraham Hicks is a group of Entities channeled through Esther Hicks, who teach people how to create their own reality through the law of attraction, and how to connect with their inner guidance to create the life experience they desire.

Abraham Hicks message is that you are always Source energy, and that you have the power to create anything you want in your life by aligning your thoughts with what you want. They also teach that negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and fear stem from a disconnection from your emotional guidance system, and that by learning how to connect with your guidance, you can release these negative emotions and live a happier life.

The Secret to Well-Being According to Abraham Hicks

The secret to well-being is to get into alignment with what you want, and then take inspired action.

One of the best ways to get into alignment is by using affirmative statements to focus on what you do want in your life. For example, “I am healthy and vibrant,” or “I am now living in a state of well-being.”

It’s also important to take inspired action, which means doing what feels good in the moment and aligning your actions with your goals and desires. When you take inspired action, you’ll be more likely to experience lasting happiness and fulfillment.

How you can apply Abraham Hicks secret to your own life for better well-being

Start by understanding that well-being is the dominant stream, and it is always available to you. Then focus on what you do want and not what you don’t want. Instead of worrying about getting sick, visualize being healthy and vibrant.

Next, take inspired action to align with your goals. For example, if your goal is to be healthy, then make choices that support that goal. Eat nutritious foods, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. As you take action, focus on how it feels rather than the outcome.

You can also practice meditation and gratitude and stay positive. Being mindful of all the good in your life gives you a greater appreciation for everything you have and helps to shift your vibration.

The more you practice these techniques, the easier they will become and soon enough you’ll find that well-being is your dominant stream. Abraham Hicks said it best: “The only reason that anyone is not well is that they found thoughts that pinch off the wellness and once you discover how to stop pinching off the wellness then well-being exists within you forevermore.”

Abraham Hicks Video about the Secret to Physical Well-Being

Well-Being is the Dominant Stream

The premise of Abraham Hicks teaching is that well-being is the dominant stream in our lives and that any time we feel unwell, it is because we have found thoughts that pinch off this natural flow of wellness. The idea here is that once we learn how to stop these “pinching” thoughts, then our natural state of well-being will be restored and remain with us always.

The idea that Abraham Hicks is conveying in the passage above is that the source of unhappiness or lack of well-being lies within our thoughts. Our thoughts can be limiting and hold us back from achieving full well-being.

The key to unlocking this potential for well-being, according to Abraham Hicks, is to recognize these negative thoughts and intentionally replace them with more positive ones. By doing so, we can unlock our innate potential for greater joy and contentment in all aspects of life. In other words, by recognizing our inner power over our thought process, we can eliminate any obstacle preventing us from living a happier life. The result will be an increase in overall well-being that lasts forevermore.

We Are the Creators of Our Own Reality

Abraham Hicks message speaks to the inner power we all possess to create our own reality. Stripped of any external influences, such as social norms or expectations, we have full control over what direction our lives take and how successful they can be. By consciously choosing positive thoughts and embracing them in our daily lives, it is possible to achieve greater well-being. The key is recognizing that these thoughts are ours to control and making a conscious effort to use them in a way that benefits us most.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that true well-being comes from within. No amount of material wealth or external achievement can truly make us happy if we don’t first make an effort to cultivate happiness from within ourselves. Focusing on internal pleasures such as relationships with friends and family, being mindful of our physical health, and developing a spiritual practice can help us achieve greater peace of mind.

Having an open and accepting attitude towards life’s challenges is essential for true well-being. Instead of feeling defeated by obstacles that come our way, we should embrace them as opportunities to learn and grow. By viewing problems in this light, we can develop greater resilience and ultimately foster our sense of well-being.

Learn to focus on positive thoughts, prioritize internal sources of happiness, and face challenges head-on, it is possible to achieve greater levels of physical and financial well-being in our lives. In doing so, we can live more satisfying lives that are full of joy, contentment, and peace.

Resources for learning more about Abraham Hicks and their teachings on well-being

One of the best ways to dive into Abraham Hicks’ teachings is by reading their books, such as Ask and It Is Given, The Law of Attraction, and Money and the Law of Attraction.

Additionally, they have created Abraham Now seminars that are available online where you can listen to them discuss various topics related to any topic that concerns you. You can also attend Esther Hicks Workshops and Cruises, which are held regularly around the world.


Ultimately, our well-being is in our own hands and we have the power to create a life that brings us true happiness. When we take time for ourselves and focus on the things that make us feel good, both mentally and physically, we can achieve greater levels of well-being. And with it comes more satisfaction in life, where everything seems to be working out for us. This is the essence of Abraham Hicks secret.

By taking steps towards achieving greater mental health and overall well-being, you are investing in yourself and your future – something that will never go out of style. So start today by making small changes so you can see big returns in terms of overall satisfaction. You’ll be glad you did!

Abraham Hicks Secret to Well Being

Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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