What is Psychic Energy – Why is it Important for Your Health and Well Being in 2024

What is Psychic Energy? Why is it Important for Your Health and Well Being

What is Psychic Energy?

Psychic energy is a term used to describe a certain life energy that is not physical. Psychic energy has been called by many names in different times and countries.

Here are some of the terms used to describe such an energy

Chi in Chinese,
Ruah in Hebrew,
Prana in Sanskrit,
Ki in Japanese,
Mana in Polynesian.

Psychic energy is a subtle vital life force. It is invisible, but can be felt and directed by trained persons.

This vital life force is found everywhere, in the air, the sub, trees, and the earth.

This energy has a vitalizing, energizing and healing properties. It invigorates and strengthens.


Can We See Psychic Energy?

Those who are clairvoyant, can actually see this energy as an energy field or aura surrounding a human being or a tree or any living being.

With special training and exercises, one can see the energy auric field around the body or the fingers.

Some such exercises will be given in future articles. Stay tuned.

The etheric psychic energy forms an aura around the physical body which extends, in normal healthy people, about 8-12 inches in all directions. Those with greater vitality and health will have a stronger aura, and the field will extent further around the body.

When the psychic energy field is out of balance, it manifests as physical imbalance or disease in the physical body.

Clairvoyants can detect this psychic imbalance before it manifests as actual illness in the body.

The energetic body, or etheric body absorbs this energy from the atmosphere and distributes it to the whole system, through the psychic centers in the energy body which are also called “Chakras” which means “wheels” in Sanskrit.


Psychic Energy and Health?

When the physical body is in good health, the Aura looks healthy to a clairvoyant. The health aura extends two to three or four feet from the body in rays that look perpendicular to the body. The aura forms an egg shape around the human body.

In case of disease of the body, it shows in the aura as dark blobs, and the health rays will appear tangled or knotted. This is because the energy is blocked or stagnated and is not flowing freely within the energy system.


The Human Aura and Psychic Energy

The Health Aura acts as a shield in terms of protecting the physical body from disease, as long as it remains healthy and vital.

Energy depletion occurs when there is less vital energy flowing in a limb or organ of the body, resulting in actual physical weakness or disease in that area.

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