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What is Telepathy

 What is Telepathy? What Does Telepathy Mean?

Telepathy is a term used to define communication between people without the use of spoken language. Telepathy can occur between individuals, between groups or between an individual and a group.

There are different kinds of telepathy. The usual understanding of telepathic communication is what occurs between minds or what is referred to as mental telepathy.

But there are other forms of telepathy such as what is known as emotional telepathy. It has to do with transmission of feelings between individuals. This is mostly noticeable between mother and child. Emotional telepathy occurs at the solar plexus level.


Is Telepathy Real? Is Telepathy Possible?

There are many examples of telepathy that are well documented. In modern days, many universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and around the world have some para-psychological and psychic research programs to study the reality of such phenomenon as Telepathy, Extra Sensory Perception and the like. More on this in future articles here on this blog.

The best judge as to the existence of telepathy is to try it yourself, on which we will give you some exercises to try it your self.

In future articles we will do just that. Stay tuned.


What is Emotional Telepathy?

This form of telepathy is almost instinctive. What is telepathy – Emotional telepathy can happen between humans or between humans and animals or between animals. Emotions such as fear, love, kindness, etc. are transmitted and felt when in close proximity with people experiencing those emotions.

Babies can feel and react to the emotional state of their mother even before they are able to talk. Pets can also feel and react to people, and some cases even trained to do that for the purpose of protecting their owner.

When a dog senses danger or feelings of harmful intent they immediately alert their owners to keep them safe.

What is Mental Telepathy?

What is telepathy – mental telepathy is the transmission of thought between the minds of humans, regardless of the emotional state they are in.

Mental telepathy can be controlled consciously through training and development. To be successful in telepathic experimentation, one should start by practicing mental concentration exercises similar to those mention in previous articles.

One should be able to hold a thought in consciousness for a period of time. It is also of great help during practicing mental telepathy to avoid emotional interference and be calm and indifferent as to the results. Emotional detachment is key to success.



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