A Powerful Exercise to Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

A Powerful Exercise to Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

A Powerful Exercise to Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

To develop your telepathic abilities, you need to practice. You can practice the technique of mental telepathy with a partner. Both parties should approach the experiment in a detached and non-critical manner. There should be neither disbelief nor eager excitement, Try to both achieve a neutral attitude as to the outcome.

At first, both sender and receiver can practice the telepathy experiments in the same room, and then they can practice from anywhere.

There is no difference to the experiment results, between being in the same room or across the globe, other that it is easier to synchronize their actions.

Practice the following exercise to effectively develop your telepathic abilities in a practical and fun way.


Technique for Practicing Mental Telepathy

If you are the sender:

Visualize the face of the recipient, and start by sending a feeling of universal love to the recipient.

Relax, be emotionally calm and indifferent as to the success or outcome of the telepathy experiment.

Visualize the object/idea/image you are sending.

Imagine that you are projecting a beam of light and love to the recipient’s mind

Mentally send your clear image to the recipient along that ray of light, with a feeling of love.

Release it, and stop any thoughts in regard to the experiment itself, knowing that your message is on its way. Just like mailing a letter, you trust that it is on its way to the receiver and you stop worrying about it.

If you role is the receiver, then proceed as follows:

Start by reaching out to the sender and sending a feeling of universal love. Feel the loving response back from the sender.

Relax and be calm and detached, as to the outcome, and focus on the mental level of your being.

See what impressions you get.

That’s it.

Tips on Practicing Mental Telepathy

 Begin by sending images of simple drawings like a circle, square, triangle, and the like.
Gradually start incorporating more complex images, ideas, words and sentences.

The sender should spend no more than 30 seconds to build a clear image of the object to be transmitted, and should focus on that image for another 30 seconds, no more. 

Switch roles between sender and receiver.

The secret to success in mental telepathy experiments is to consider them as games, and enjoy the fun of playing. That attitude reduces stress and opens the channels to be receptive.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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